Porcelain Tile Floors: Advantages For Your Home

The porcelain tile comes under the ceramic range. Being a more recent variety of tile introduced to the ceramic range it has a number of other qualities to the more conventional ceramic tile variety.

Clay used in the porcelain range of tile is finer but denser clay and the firing process is at a higher temperature. It is hardwearing, has a stain resistance and also resists scratching. It has a durability that is suitable for traffic areas in a home or other location. It has become a popular choice for builders and renovators.

Porcelain sparkle tiles are suited to many applications. They look great when installed and are not subject to the breaking of other types of tiles, so are suited to areas that need a covering that is hardwearing and can resist chipping, staining, cracking and scratching.

The porcelain tile is also a low maintenance tile. Being able to resist staining makes it much easier to clean and helps the tile to remain clean under all kinds of conditions. Having a waterproof surface also helps the tile to maintain a clean appearance.

For flooring it is an ideal product. There are some very good products for flooring in the tile range and this tile is up there with the rest. Suited to high traffic areas it can last for a long period and still look like new.

Porcelain tiles come in a range of excellent colours. There are also many sizes from the very large to the very small. There are a number of shapes available from the large rectangle and square to the pencil shaped tiles and smaller hexagon and squares. The porcelain tile is made in copycat shade of granite, marble, slate and other stone styles.

Porcelain tiles are also suitable for outdoor application such as around swimming pools, along walkways, paths, patios and many other outdoor applications.