Top Ways To Mix and Match Tiles For Your Home Renovation

A renovation is a big thing. There’s so many different things that you need to consider in order to make the changes you want for your individual personal style. For those who want to mix and match gloss tiles, the following is a guide to the top things you can do to mix and match your tiles.

  1. Balance Our Busy Patterns – For tiles that offer really complex patterns it’s important that you choose ones that are balanced. For example, rectangular mosaics can be balanced out with plain tiles to help ease the intense look on your eyes.
  2. Play With Different Scales – Another thing to look for is playing with the different scale sizes of the tiles. Pairing large and small tiles are another great way to improve the look of any home or room. This is perfect for those who may be having problems with choosing certain tiles
  3. Use Stone As A Neutral Colour – Stone tiles are perfect for both floors and walls so treat it as a neutral colour. Stone tiles can offer a soft appearance to harsh grout lines and can easily provide a complimentary touch to many other plain tiles.




When it comes to the different tile choices it’s a good idea to mix and match tiles to create a beautiful effect within your home. So are you ready to try something different when it comes to choosing your tiles for your home?