What to Look for When Choosing A Bookkeeper

Looking for a bookkeeper Medway is a choice that you might have made following an expansion of your business, or perhaps like many small businesses you had a family member in charge of the books, but they couldn’t quite keep up with all of that data! If you have recently decided to hire a bookkeeper there are a few things you should consider when making your choice:

First Up, Are They Accredited?

The first step you should take when selecting your bookkeeper or bookkeeping service providers is to check their accreditation. If they do not have any, you might consider moving to a company that does.

Secondly, Do They Sage or Xero?

The second step you might take will be to check which software is their preference. Sage and Xero are both leading market choices but there are many others too. Try to ensure that the software they use will be useable by yourself and other team members too. Double check: will they teach you and / or your team to use this software as well? Are their staff fully trained in its use?

Thirdly, Do They Have Relevant Experience?

The third thing you will want to ask is if they cover the services that you need in your business. Also, do they have relevant experience which could be crucial in regards totheir ability to fit right in to your team and also gives them contextual knowledge of the business that you are in.

Asking yourself the above 3 questions will put you on the right path to finding the perfect bookkeeper.